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  • Electrike - #309 (Timid) Female (♀) : 31 / 16 / 30 / 31 / 31 / 31

    Sorry for the delay but your Electrike is ready. Hopefully we can trade in the near future.
    Hey dude. I saw that you are looking for a Celebi. I have lots of those that I will be transferring to Pokebank if you wanted to pre-order that too.
    yeah, im planning to that but i still havent completed your breeding request yet. so far only gotten female parents for both sets with around 3~4 iv with the eggs moves.
    you have HA Carvanha?

    I have
    Chimchar HA
    Turtwig HA
    Treecko HA
    Mudkip HA
    Piplup HA
    polygon HA
    Elgyem HA
    Meowth HA

    HA Carvanha
    FC:0404-6608-2907 ign:Bank
    sorry not interested on them. also next time pls post on my thread or pm me
    sorry i dont have much but that gastly has 4 maxed IVs its the best i have!
    Thank you so so much!
    My TSV is 1569 if you ever need anything let me know
    thanks for the gastly too
    Oh one more thing would you be able to Nickname it "Hope" please :)
    done hatching. pls initiate trade because there is 2 Sam in my list
    ive added you from that list, My IGN is sam :)
    Sorry mine is garden :(
    np it is fine. just trying my luck
    okay cool, can you do it now or later?
    my FC is 2595-1054-0882
    what do you want in return for doing this?
    i can do it now. don't really need anything in exchange but anything would be nice if you are feeling generous.

    I'll be happy if by any chance your default vivillon pattern is polar/ocean and could help me hatch my egg
    Hey man i noticed you TSV is 2241 and i was wondering if you would be able to hatch an egg i have for me please?
    Oh, I meant to be updated as in, I need to update my thread with those EVed Pokemon. Hehe.
    I would purchase it regardless. I mean that's just me since I've played every KH game up to date excluding the FM versions. I've enjoyed them all and have always had the urge to want to replay them. I guess it comes with being a HUGE RPG fanatic lol. I mean if you enjoyed the series then you should definitely buy birth by sleep and play it. :)
    Hey. Sorry for doing this but I just wanted to answer your post on KH: Birth By Sleep. To me it's an amazing game. The combos, the worlds you visit, the storyline and techniques are really good. The Keyblades are awesome IMO. I just simply love the KH series and I hope they make more down the road :). I only wish to find somebody whom I can play online with as well as for D-Links with them too.

    I hope that helped :).
    I forgot to add that you have semi redis rights on whatever I bred for you (Dusknoir and the Drifloon). :D
    Wait,you only put 252 EV's into Attack and didin't put the rest of the EV's into any stats right?
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